Well, turned into a learning experience.  First, the Chad Brown satellite.  I was knocked out 1/2 way through the second level.  Not what I expected.  I'm glad, though.  Yes, you read that right.  I did not play well for that type of tourney and the long level/deep stack play.  I learned a lot about the players and the tourney structure.  My bets were sized wrong for the blinds/stack sizes.  I did have some good moments, but overall it was a great learning experience.  I predict that for the next one (you know I have to try again) I will be a lot more competitive and I stand a chance.  It was great to be able to play in it for just the cost of the first tourney (65 instead of 550).  It's stuff I would have not learned without playing in the "higher" buy in tourney.  I'm optimistic, but I know I have limited time (tourney is at the end of the month).  

I did, however get to play in the Sunday mill. round 2.  I folded every hand, and still made it to round 3.  In round 3 I played several hands (had pocket K's and A's).  But, I made a call with AK, he turned over AQ and caught a Q high straight.  Left me with about 200 in chips.  Crap.  UTG with the blinds 100/200 I "pushed" with A/5 for just less than 200.  Big blind was only "caller" (same guy that just took most of my chips).  Turns over A/3 and hits the 3 on the flop.  I'm out.  Oh well.  Maybe next time.