Well, some unfortunate beats (not really bad beats, per say) and bad play and I'm down to nothing in my online bankroll. And, poor planning galore, I'm playing in a live tourney at the same time I should be playing in a round two satellite for the Sunday million.  

Here's the set up.  I won a round one fpp satellite to the Sunday Million.  Cool, except that today I went down to the Poker Room to play in a $65 satellite to a $550 satellite for the Chad Brown Main event ($5000.00 buy in).  Well, I won and didn't realize that I would have to play in it tomorrow at 1 pm.  It will take first priority, and I'll see what happens for the online satellite (probably just a waste).  I wish I could unregister until next Sunday.  Oh well.  Over all I played well (in the live tourney), and I only had all my chips in the pot once.  Heads up, K-2 spades vs pocket Q's.  I pushed after a raise for over 1/2 my chips because I realized that there hadn't been a king on the board over the last 3 hands or so, so I was hoping it was time.  The gamble payed off, and I pretty much didn't look back.  This will be the biggest buy in tourney by far that I have ever played in.  I'll let ya'll know.