Chugging right along.  I played in a PSO game to try to finish the month with the 1525 points needed to play in the free rolls next month.  I placed just over 200 and needed 10 points, so here's hoping.  It will be close. On a bankroll note, I'm up to 43.77.  More 7 card stud limit.  I put $6 on a .25/.50 table.  I folded a lot of hands.  Played past the first bet a few times.  The last hand was a great one, though.  Started with 6's (one showing).  Hit trips on fourth street.  Bet it a lot.  2 others stayed in for a while.  After the last card, the remaining guy had an obvious straight.  I bet, he raised, I called.  I went to show down with trips.  Ended up taking down an $18 pot.  Woo-hoo!   More updates to come... Until then, gl.