Well, I went down to just under $10.  But, then I tightened up, and now after some good playing and some good fortune, I'm to 28.78.  Not too bad.  I'm starting to play tighter and do a better job of picking my starting hands in 7 card stud.  I don't think I've played any (if so just a very few) hold em games during this upswing.  I've grown fond of 7 card stud.  Might have something to do with me tripling my bankroll with it in the limit games, though.  Hmmmm.... might have to try it live.  We'll see.  I also noticed I have 45 fpps.   Might be the most fpp's I've ever had in my account.  Hopefully my luck and patience will hold up.  Until next time gl and have fun.