Well, went to the live poker room.  Lost $40 at the 1-2 limit table.  The 1-2 table was pretty much the lotto (or bingo) table.  I got tired of it, and went to the 3-6 table. (I know, there goes my bankroll rules.  It's hard trying to put it all together.  Am I adjusting a broke system or braking a good rule?)  Just wanted to see what difference there was in the 3-6 vs 1-2 tables.  Lots.  Played for a while.  Put $50 down.   Went up to 185 ish.  Then I thought at 200 I'll leave.  Bad choice.  Left with 91.  Still up for the day, if you want to call a dollar up.  But it felt like loosing 100, and I count the night as a failure.   I had some good plays, including taking the opportunity to make money off of a guy on tilt.  I bet a pot that no one else wanted to, and took it with a/q.  He had a/k, but folded.  I showed.  Next hand I had a/q suited.  I raised, he re-raised, and the betting was caped after a couple more raises.  Flop came with an a/q.  Top two pair and I bet and raised every chance I got.  He ended up all in with pocket jacks and no help.  That was definitely nice.  I do need to play even tighter, though.  Not take as many chances.  Not see as many flops.  Lot of people still seeing the flop at the 3-6 table.  Tighter hand selection would definitely be a benefit.  And, just because I'm the small blind doesn't mean I have to call.  I really have to learn when "enough is enough."  I've learned for next time, hopefully.  Well, maybe.  I think it's a self control issue.  Poker really has taught me about myself.  I used to think I had a huge amount of self control.  Kinda scary, but now that I have identified the problem, I can work on it.  I will be back at the 3-6 table, hopefully playing better. And leaving sooner.  Good luck, and thanks for reading.