First off, about a month ago I played a "night" of 2-2 nl hod'em.  Top 2 pair versus flush draw.  Went all in and he hit his flush.  Oh well.  Looks like a game I should be able to do well at.  

Last night I played in a 1-2 limit hold em cash game.  Went really well.  Made $40 into $90 in just over 2 hours.  Couple of good plays, payed off for a lot of "bad" plays.  (Playing the people, not the cards)  For instance, kept betting with pocket 8's with a board of 2-4-9-j-j.  Got called to showdown with 4's.  Also, flopping quad 4's  was really nice.   Especially when 3 people where still hanging out on the river with 4 diamonds on the board.  He-he.  So, live bankroll is at $90.  

On a side note, I'm reading the book "Deal Me In."  A lot of the struggles I have, many of the pros had early on.  It'll be great if I can fix the problems (tilt and bankroll management) when it's only costing me 10's and time, not 100's or 1000's and time.  I love what Pokerstars has allowed me to learn at such a cheap price!