Well, due to personal things going on, I took a break from poker.  Signed in, and found out I had a bloggers ticket to play in the tourney last Sunday.  DOH!  Oh well, not much I can do about it now.  I was restless this morning, so I played in a SNG for the PCA freeroll.  I won, so Saturday I'm in for that tourney.

On a live note, played a 2/2 NL cash game.  Wow, I drove a total of 2 hrs round trip to lose $100 in 20 minutes at the table.  But I learned I will be back there.  Everyone at the table thought the approximately 8-1 underdog made the right call getting about 2-1 on his money.  He had a flush draw and one over card on the turn when I went all in.  I had top 2 pair.  (someone can let me know if my math is wrong)  Some times the unlikely happens.  For all of those who think it only happens on pokerstars, trust me, it happens just as much live (% wise).    Just look at the WSOP final table.  At least 2 times pair vs. 2 over.  The 2 over caught trips on the flop, the pair made a full house on the turn, and the 2 overs caught the better full house on the river.  Some times it just happens.   I'd rather play the guys that will call in those underdog situations.  I'll take probability and statistics and play for  the long run.