Well, went up to $10, then down to $3.  But, I played in a $1+.25 (bounty)+.15.  SNG, 90 people.  Knocked out 17 people and took first place.  Back up to just over $30.  Woo-Hoo.  Dealt out some really bad beats.  I was the chip leader (over 's second place) with about 42,000.  Down to about 2 tables.  Someone went all in with about 2,000.  I called (dictated by the situation, not the cards) with something like 5/9 off.  He had pocket kings.  I caught 2 five's on the board.   Almost the exact same situation happened again and I called with 2/8 off.  He had pocket kings.  I ended up with trip 8's.  Felt bad, but I'll take it.  Later in the tourney I couldn't win a hand for a spell and had people all in and behind (sometimes way behind) and still lost.  In the end, I caught the cards I needed.  Luck breaks even.