Well, hit over $60 before I dipped to under $4.  Some bad luck, bad tourneys, and worse decisions.  (Never just play a high buy in tourney to make up for lost bankroll.  Just a way to loose even more.)  Started playing some .02-.04 limit games with pretty consistent results.  Went from 3 bucks to over 5.  Good practice for the $1-$2 limit games at the local poker room, too. 

So, I was trying to figure out when I started playing poker.  July of '09.  I'm interested in how I'll finish out my second year of playing.  Hopefully with a lot better bankroll management.  I should play some more PSO games and some more napl rookie tourneys, but man my time is already filled.  

On a side note, picked up a poker table and 500 chips today for $40.00 off of craigslist.  Just needs a little patch job on the rail and 1 more cup holder.   I guess my house game may become a reality.  I'm thinking about a $2.00 buy in, $1.00 bounty, and unlimited rebuys. (Maybe just until blinds are $100-$200.  We're only started with $1500 in chips anyway.)

Well, till later, good luck and may your hand be second best to only mine.