$45 buy in, one rebuy, one add on. Like the commercial says, "because the days we lose are the days we learn the most." Did pretty well at first. Close to the chip leader after the first break, even after just about everyone else added on (I did not). Called about $4,000 of my roughly $12,000 on an all in from a guy that was all in or nothing. I had a/7 off. I was pretty sure my A high was good preflop. He turned over 8/4 of hearts. Flop A, blank, 4. Turn blank. River 8. Then it really went down hill. My play loosened up tremendously. Bad move. Of course. All in pre flop w pocket 6s. Called by a/q. Q on the flop. Caller had 1300 less than me. 100 ante, and I was the 800 big blind. No brainer. All in blind. 6/7 off. One caller, and I was out. I found a major weakness in my game. I have a pattern of getting alot of chips then some how loosing them. I think, "I have enough this call won't hurt me. Let's just see what happens." Now I definitely know the problem. Let's see if I can fix it. Bad timing though. The extra money I was hoping to win was going to go towards some fun time at the end of the month. Oh well. Plan B. Funny side note, in a .10 tourney, Have a medium stack size. I go all in with pocket Q's. On the bubble. Get one caller. A/rag. Has more chips than me. Catches the A on the river. But, thank goodness for hand for hand play. Ended up cashing.