I placed 3rd in a PSO game. Best ever. Might have been first, except it was after 2 am and I had to be up for a possible 12 hour work day at 6 am. I was the chip leader (not by much), and pretty much just started calling everything to get knocked out or win. I hated doing that, but it was better than just sitting out. I guess. I started my account with $ 0.00 this week, and I'm now up to $2.31. Not bad w/o a deposit. (Placed in a rookie league tourney and a 3rd in a $.25 SNG. Fun, fun. My path to millions at a live tourney has started and is rolling. LOL I have learned some, and am starting to protect my chips better. Turns out poker isn't always about winning hands, it's also about not losing a lot on stupid calls. And I'm not talking about the desperation all in with 1.5 big blinds with 6/7 of hearts. When I'm on my game, I'm folding a lot. Sometimes you have to take chances, but it's risk management. On a side note, I have to laugh when someone is yelling at everyone for being donkeys, and then they call 3 all ins pre flop for over 3/4 of their chips with a/8 off. I understand pot odds, but you have to figure you're dominated. Thanks for the entertainment. Good luck at the tables, except against me. I wish you all could place Second. lol