Went and played some 1-2 limit hold 'em. Took $30. Lost $30. Lost most of my chips due to being on tilt. I would love to say it was on bad beats, but it wasn't. Even my last hand (full house beaten by quads) Wasn't even a "cooler." It was just throwing in the towel. (flop was KKK) What put me on tilt? 3 or 4 hands of having straight and flush draws on the flop (once with an over card, once with a middle pair, and one was an inside straight flush draw) and never hitting any of them! Every time I would have won with a straight, or a higher flush than the other person would have made. Well, there were some highlights. Calling someone down w/ A/K high (and winning). Ending up all in with a pair of 9's and outlasting an open ended straight draw. Ending up with more than $50 in chips in front of me (several times). It was fun. But in the end, maybe not worth it. I did learn, though. As always, I am my own worst enemy. My wife's doing her homework, so I might try to catch the late tourney tonight. Good luck all, and thanks for reading.