Well, alot of people would say it was a bad beat. It was really just poor playing on my part. I was down to about 10 big blinds. Got pocket A's in the small blind. Only 1 caller before me. I decide to just call. The big blind checks. That's my first mistake. Should have raised, at least 1-2 x's the big blind. Flop comes out rainbow, no obvious straights. Perfect. I check. Big blind bets about 500. Other player folds, I call (leaving me with about 1000). Second mistake. I should have pushed there also. King on the turn, and big blind goes all in. I call to see he has 2 pair, 4's and K's. I'm out before the cash. Bad beat? NO! Poor playing on my part. Any push or even a small raise preflop and the big blind folds, I win and possibly double up. That's poker!