My wife says I should be be more optimistic (then she laughs when I say I'm going to do well in a tournament), hence the subtitle. Anyway, a little background. I'm married with 3 kids. Although I played my first game of poker in elementary school, I started playing poker as an adult about a year ago (I'm in my early 30's). I've been playing some kitchen games, have played twice in a poker room, but mainly play online on poker stars. I've learned what I have by the standard means (online, books, tv shows, watching poker, instructional dvds, and experience). I enjoy the game. Of course, the thought of making money off of it is a major plus. The tournament experience on pokerstars has been my most valuable tool. Yes, there are a lot of players making stupid calls out there. Yes, people don't play freerolls like they do "real" poker. Like everything in life, you have to learn what is good practice and what was just luck. Calling for all your chips pre-flop w/ 7 2 off will win you money some times, even against poket aces. In the long run (3 hands), the A's will end up ahead. I want that call against my pocket A's every time. Too many people complain that they were given a bad beat by someone who shouldn't have been in the hand. Maybe it's true. That's part of the game, though. And I've seen it in real life. When it ceases to be fun, stop playing or at least take a break from playing, but don't try to make everyone else miserable because you are. Sorry... just wanted to get that out. I'll get off my soap box now. So, on to the purpose of the blog. I thought it would be interesting to have a record of my playing, my thoughts and poker related goals. It could be interesting to see how things evolve over time. I decided to start new today. Old experiences are in the past. So...Bombed out of a PSO free roll. Didn't quite make it an hour. I need to be more patient. When I don't get cards I still try to force things to happen. Not a good way to start my first full month in the league. Oh well. I'll probably try one more PSO game tonight. I'd like to at least break even for the first day of the month! I have about $35 of "fun money" (money budgeted for me to blow on whatever I want) for the month, so I hope to make it to the Poker Room for a tourney or maybe a cash game. The local poker room is about an hour away. They have a big tourney later this month that I would love to play in, but $1500 is way to steep for me now. There will be another. Some day. So I guess my main goal in poker is to make it a supplemental income. I play with my fun money, "reimburse" it and still have some money left to put on debt. (Stupid student loans.) And maybe have some money to my rc airplane collection. Here's hoping. Sorry the first post is boring. They will get better. I hope. Should have stopped at 1 tourney. Oh well.