Can anyone please explain why I should stick with these freerolls? What skill is involved with pushing ALL IN for your first 5 hands as was my experience just now, one of the all in pushes was with 4,2o?? While I am sure these tournaments reach a better standard as you progress it would seem to me to be a waste of time trying to play properly in the early stages. It was my misfortune to call one of these moves with KK and of course  was out drawn by one of the 4 callers. I fail to see how I am to learn from this other than to let my stack blind away until all the nonsense has passed. Is this common place with freerolls? As no one actually has any real money on the line so they just take the decision to chance to luck? I was hoping for an informative, progressional learning experience, but sadly I feel let down. I welcome your views and comments on this matter, Is there a way to deal with this style of play? Should I fold KK preflop just to garuntee tornament survival? And is this common place in the freeroll community in general?