I had never played in PSO's The Big Bang with a total prize pool of approximately $5,000 until this past Saturday, October 8th. See information on PSO as how how to earn a ticket as it was a great experience for me!     

In essence, the most common way is to be in the top 400 of three Open League games which are offered regularly; Another way is PokerSchoolOnline will also "reward a small select number of members with a ticket for outstanding contributions such as Star Blogs or if leave a Facebook comment on any of our Poker Videos."

Given I had neither played even one Open League game nor left a comment on Facebook on any poker videos, I must have received this ticket for 'Star Blogs.' 

When I sat down, there was not a soul whom I knew but over time, our table was a safe, enjoyable cohesive group.  Afterall, the Poles and Russians took me under their wing given I told them that my maternal grandparents were from Poland and my paternal grandparents from Russia. The Portuguese loved that I had travelled through Portugal a number of times as my best friend is from there. I was family to many and there seemed to be an unspoken rule to pass my preemptive bets:

I can't say that the betting at our table  was very scientific but that seemed to be in my favour. With only 48 players left, I held about 20,000 chips and was in 6th or 7th place. I kept telling myself that I  will be at the final table and surprise everyone, given I am in no way an 'experienced' player.  I can hear ArtySmokesPS commenting about my total inexperience and every mistake I make, regardless of the outcome!  Here is an example of an easy 3400 chips. I knew by now that opponent 8 was going all in with T9o, J5o, and such, so my King seemed golden and it was!

Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner

Then came a break and during it my kids brought me my favourite food, Middle Eastern. I took my eyes right off the game and voraciously ate till I heard that sound alerting me to bet or pass. I was discombobulated as my opponent kept betting. As I went all in, I let out a loud 'OH MY GOD'. This wasn't my 'family' table; my right-hand opponent wasn't the guy who went all-in with 22, T3o, and he had over 28,000 chips!  And to boot, even if he had with 22, he would have wiped me out.

Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner

Is there a moral to this experience? Indeed! Don't take your eye off the ball unless you have to run to the bathroom. Important changes happened during this break: different folks ,four of six players at this table with more chips than I had. I needed that break to strategize, that is to first acknowledge that these folks were not my friends yet, (albeit I refuse to call them villains!); that we were getting close to the final table and until I had a sense of each opponent and  study my HUD, best not to take risks of any sort, Women do pelvic tilts instead of walking around and coming back as your bell rings; men. . . what do men do? Go to their porno sites? How about some hand weights you can liftt as you gaze at the computer? Ask Gareth. He will have good ideas  .

But most importantly, get in the game. The Big Bang, to my way of thinking, is the best PSO has to offer, next to Live Trainings IF we were paid to go to them!. So now that I got a ticket for 'Star Blogs', it's video time. And just ask RoyalRaise85, the videos cannot be sexual

Whoa! I just realized that when you take your cursor over the red symbol, it says that this very blog has earned me a ticket for the next Big Bang tournament. Hope to 'see' you there