So it has been a long time since I have made a post.  Alot has happened since I took down the league in Feb 2011.

The new premium league was created and finally it seemed like some great things were happening.

I took a few months off... I blame a certain woman.... before I got my priorities straight and put poker before EVERYTHING  lol

In the month of March I decided to focus on the micro millions tourneys.

I made ITM in 7 of the 12 tourneys I took part in profiting more than 135$  
I also took down 3rd place in the big 4.40, beating more than 8000  people to take over 1800$ 

Unfortunately this took a toll on my premier league score this month... and for the first time since the creation of the league I am on the edge of being sent back down to open league     I have 2 days left to focus on premier and get the points needed to stay!!

Now it focus time