For some its sounds too good to be true,.  For others not so much.

In the eyes of the world over the years America has gotten a bit of a bad reputation.  It may stem from Agressiveness, or cockyness, or the belief that their ways are the only ways.

With the recent events which have led to American PLayers no longer being able to play cash games online it has cut the online poker world in half.
Many Americans taking to message boards to condemn the decision and blatantly stating that POkerstars and the PSO league will fall apart without them.

The fact of the matter is .. yes  Poker sites do get a large portion of their money from American players.  but what does that really say?  It tells me that their may be alot of American players... but clearly if this is such a big source of income .. then their must be a hell of a lot of BAD american players.

Regardless, I personally will miss my American friends.  It wont be the same without you, and we will look forward to your return in the future.

In the mean time if your a single American Poker lady between the ages of 20-30 looking for a nice Canadian guy, and an opportunity to play some poker again.... look me up

In conclusion, it has been 2 weeks since the Black friday of poker.... and what have Americans been doing in that time?   Well after 10 years they caught Osama Bin Laden yesterday, which begs me to ask..... maybe they could have caught him years ago if not distracted by online poker

Time will tell how long until the world can once again compete together.