First off, Let me make this statement:
  I'm just now starting to get into Texas Hold'em, and I realize that there is still alot...I mean ALOT!! That I still do not understand about this game.."BUT"  You can't see the other player's faces, so it's kind of really hard to get a read on them that way..Right?..And you have so many that get into these tourney's that I believe just don't really care one way or the other whether they win or not. that will just bet, and raise, just to be doing something! So my Question I guess would be...How do you protect your own hand?  I mean just as someone else stated in their blog, You get so tired of all the BS, you get behind, and the next thing you know...Your doing the same lame stuff that their doing in the hope of hitting atleast one hand to get yourself back in the running...And we all know, I'm sure..That's just NOT...What this game is really about!.....OR IS IT??