Hello PSO!!! it's been a while lol.


Its been 2 years since iv used this forum and my blog so lets catch up on where i have been and what i have been doing (poker wise anyway). I had the oppertunity to play staked and coached and learn a new format so i took the chance with both hands and began another poker journey and stepped out of my comfort zone. 

I was given the chance to learn how to play 6max hypers and started pretty well and soon moved up the stakes (7s). But then good old pokerstars threw a spanner in the works and released the spin and go format, which at first my backer was unsure of because they seemed like an unbeatable rake trap where you would slowly lose your bankroll to the high rake %. But after a while and seeing the results of the regs we decided to jump in and give them a bash, and boy were they soft and i attained a unreal chip ev at the $3 stake and was quickly put into the $15 stake games (quite a jump i know) where i did do ok was only in make up a couple of times but was pretty much just breaking even over a nice sample which is OK if your happy just collecting the rakeback.

With just holding my own in the 15s and enjoying the games stars then added $5 million jackpot spins which were a goldmine full of fish chasing the dream of winning the big one when you have more chance of getting run over by a bus. So i then decided to give up on the 15s and move to the 7s and play the 5s when they run the promotion, I did much better at the 7s and made steady profit and rake back only suffering a couple of heavy downswings but on the whole was able to recover relativly quickly and get back to making monthly cash outs.

So just recently me and my backer decided to call it a day this leaves me on my own again and ready to build a new bankroll for myself and see how far i can get on a small bankroll. So i figured the best way to do this is to challenge myself and return here to PSO to track my progress in my old blog and start a bankroll challenge.

I have just over $50 which gives me 50 buy ins for the $1 games not ideal only having 50 buy ins but i'm pretty confident in my game and unless i suffer some real bad varience i should be able to move up pretty quickly. I will use a pretty aggressive bankroll management till i get back to the 7s where i will try build to around 150-200 buy ins before taking on the 15s. So my first target to move up is $150 to play the $3 games. 

So here is the plan: 

Play 2 to 3 tables depending on mood but no more to maximise chip ev

Stage 1: $50 to $150 once at $150 can play $3s but if lose $75 must drop back to $1 to recover back to $150

Stage 2: $150 to $350 once at $350 can play $7s but if lose $175 must drop back to $3 to recover back to $350

Stage 3: $350 to $2.2k to $3k once at $2.2k can take shots and mix in $15s with $7s to help move up to the target amount of $3k. Where i will access what my next goal will be.

I will post monthly updates on the start of each new month where i will post my graphs and maybe a few interesting hands.



Here is my graph from the $5 million jackpot games.


My graph for $7s


My graph for 15s


I hope you liked reading my new blog and will continue to follow me on my new poker journey over 2017!!!!

Any questions or anything feel free to ask away.