Well november has turned out to my best month in poker to date and it's all thanks to PSO.

I had a great run in the big bang freeroll on my first attempt i finished 4th out of a field of 400+ which i was absolutly thrilled with and got a bankroll boost of $375. The big bang has got to be one of the best freerolls on offer on all of the poker sites, with it having 15 minute blind levels it gives you chance to take your time and ease into the game and build a stack without having to take flips like you would in turbo game or even a regular 10 minute game. 

So my new bankroll boost couldnt of come at a better time with micro millions about to start i now had the freedom to play most events on offer and i really do like a big field MTT, even though i didnt manage to make a final table or have a really deep run i still enjoyed the whole festival, railing friends who have managed a deep run ( well done wikked76 for making a final table was great to watch) and also trying my hand at games iv barely played before if at all. I played the stud and 2-7 single draw and with only knowing the basics of each game i did much better than i expected and will certainly look to play more 2-7 single draw in the future as i really enjoyed the game.

At the moment pokerstars are running the backstage promotion  for uk players and you can win free concert tickets, Well i entered one of the freerolls to win concert tickets to see bastille at the manchester apollo arena put on by XFM radio. There was a KO bounty of 2 tickets on radio presenter DanielleXFM and i was lucky enough to be dealt in on her table for the first hand, i was dealt QQ  there was a utg raise so i just shoved with danielleXFM in the big blind called my shove with 22 and the utg raiser folded my hand holds and i win the tickets. 

With 2 tickets in the bag i was more than happy with the result and as the game went on my stack kept growing and the field was shrinking and it wasnt long until i was on the final table. On the final table i had a healthy stack 9 handed and i wished the other players good luck as i honestly thought the odds of getting the ko bounty and winning the game were too high. But as the game progressed i started to dominate the game and was 3-1 chip leader 4 handed and was soon heads up for the tickets, i had a good chip lead and was looking good for the win when i got crippled v AA but i was still in and a couple of hands later i was dealt AA and managed to double up and was right back in it and the next hand we ended up all in 33 v Q10 and i hit a set and won the tickets.

With having such a great month i couldn't of been any happier but last night i finally got to play my biggest buy in MTT of $215 and yes it was the sunday million, I'v been close so many times to getting a ticket for a big buy in game and always falling at the last hurdle and i seemed like i would never get to play for the life changing money and i would be stuck in micros for an eternity. I finally managed to win my ticket through the $1.65r 3x turbo satty i registered last minute and only had to rebuy once and of coarse took the add on.

In the sunday million i didnt run good at all and i think maybe the nerves got the better of me but i dont know what more i could of done, i bricked every flop and had to fold to aggression and just couldnt get going but overall i enjoyed the experiance of playing way way above my level and certainly cant wait to get another shot at playing for the big bucks on offer here at pokerstars.

With playing the sunday million it has put me closer to getting my $50 stellar reward and with having such a great month and my bankroll being healthy, iv decided to use my reward and will make a small withdrawl and buy Pokertracker4 as i dont have a HUD i think it can only help take my game to the next level.


Thanks for reading