Hi PSO-ers and welcome to my guide to playing $1 turbo 90's.





Over the last 90 days i have played 523 of these games with an ROI of 41% and a total profit of $212, when i started playing these games i started at the 50c level and quickly found that i could make a steady profit and i was soon able to step up to the next level and which i found slightly strange was that i was more profitable at the $1 level than 50c but i put that down to slighty worse players at the lower level.

Early stage

Tight is right the blinds are low and are really not worth playing for but that doesn't mean that oppertunitys wont arise to double our stack  but in general we are just looking to win small pots early ready for for the blinds to go up and the antes to come into play so we can really start to build a stack ready for the bubble play but that will come later.

So what hands should we play early, I'd suggest a  tight range AA KK QQ JJ AK AQ  we want to see flops with and try double our stack or sometimes triple or more(which has been known in these games). I'd also play small pocket pairs and suited connectors cheaply, I'm a big fan of flat calling in position with pocket pairs if we hit our set we can build a pot and if we dont its an easy fold post flop.

Middle stage

Now the blinds are high and antes are in play it's pretty much a game of push/fold so we can start to build a stack or bust, If we have been able to survive the early stage and get a  double up or better we should have around 3k-5k which is around 10-20 big blinds.

At this stage we are stealing blinds to maintain our stack and also looking out for people that are stealing and that are stealing with a wide range so we can resteal and hopefully get a double up ready for the bubble stage. I find  the best places for this is a blind v blind situation and big blind v button because it has been folded around to the small blind/button and you have been playing a reasonably tight game they will try and steal your blind and to be honest i do it myself if the player in the big blind is short and is a tight player.

So what sort of range can we call in the big blind vs a small blind steal? This is totally dependant on the opponents but if you think they are shoving with trash just to take your blind i will call Ax Kx Qx and any pocket pair. Yes sometimes they will have a legit hand and you will bust or get cripled but more often than not you will get the double up ready to turn on the heat for the bubble stage.

Bubble stage

At this point in the game the blinds and antes are high and short and medium stacks are tightening up hoping to get ITM but this is not the way to play, we should be playing aggressive trying to get a good stack for the final table so we can play for the top spots.

My target stack for the start of the bubble play is around 10k,  anything over is great and if we are lower its not too bad because we are still in the game and looking for a spot to double up or bust. I think when the bubble play starts is around 23 players left with 3 tables still playing but playing short handed and then on the last 2 tables.

We will still be playing push/fold because the blinds are high but if we are dealt a premium hand we can min raise or 2.3x big blind to try and induce a shove from our opponants with worse holdings than our own. I find this to be quite effective at times its like we are shoving weaker hands but trapping with stronger hands but i do adivise you mix it up because any regular players taking notes on your play could quickly pick up on this.

As we get short handed  and on the ITM bubble and the FT bubble the short stacks are clinging on for dear life to get there min cash and this is the best time to chip up, we can steal from the from the shorty's with a very wide range and be looking to play for stacks with medium and big stacks.

I cant stress more how important it is to steal at this point because if we dont our stack can get short fast with the high blinds so one steal a round will maintain our stack and two will be adding to our stack but you dont have to get carried away because you will lose your tight image.

Final table

We made it were ITM and hopefully have a good playable stack so we can push for the top spot but we can tighten up again now we are 9 handed and try to pick our spots to get a good stack for heads up play.

If we do make the final table short stacked were on push/fold mode looking to chip up or bust because our aim is always the top spot.

If you have a big stack 30k plus you can sit back a little and let the others play and bust each other but obviously if you get a good spot you wont pass it up so you can secure at least a top 3 finish.

As the shortys bust out and we start getting short handed we can open up our range a bit and get more involved and keep the pressure on the remaining players by using position and our stack and our tight image.

Heads up

The job is almost done and were head up for the top prize and if we'v been tight throughout the final table they are now in for a shock because we are going to completely open our range and pile on the pressure so we can nail the top spot and get them to submit to our aggression.

I will literally play any two heads up i will raise every button and c-bet most hands and if we get played back at we can be sure were behind and can let the hand go and look for the next hand.

and when we get them below 10bb they will be shoving there stack so we need to be a bit more selective about which hands we call with cos the last thing we want is to let them back in the game by doubling them up. And of coarse we aint going to win every head up battle but we will give it our best shot.

Hope you have enjoyed this blog 

Thanks for reading