The open quest has ended and I'm proud to say i made the premier league on my first attempt, I must admit it wasnt easy and wading through all the crazy plays sitting tight looking for spots adjusting my own game so i didnt bust early.

One thing i did notice is I am very forgetful I missed too many tournaments  in the open by forgeting to register and if i want to stand a chance at the premier league this will be something I will have to fix, Thankfully todays phones are very advanced and I can set reminders so forgeting to reg will be a thing of the past.

Im really hoping that if I put the numbers in i can be among the leaders through out the month and hopefully land myself a nice cash prize (to be honest any prize would be very welcome). So my goal will be to get a cash prize and stay in the league for the next month which i think is a very realistic goal and anything else is a bonus.

As for my own games things are going well Im currently doing a challenge with a friend from a group im in we are playing $1.50 90 man ko's and have got off to a really good start we have almost double our money with over 30 games played between us.

I am also being staked to play $1 mtt's by the very well liked marvinsytan which has been slow to start but marvin believes in me and that gives me a huge confidence boost.  As many of you know marvin is a very good player and it seems almost nightly I'm railing and cheering him on at least one final table and having the backing from such a good player can only be a good thing and hopefully one day i can be up there with him.

So i wish you all the best of luck this month in the premier league and in all you games and thanks for reading.