April has been a good month overall since finishing my challenge with andrew and starting playing my own games again. I'v been mainly been playing the 50c 90 man turbos and getting good results too.

I have been checking my stats on Poker Pro Labs to see where i have been making and losing money while i have been playing here on poker stars. In the 50c turbo 90's i have played just short of 100 and have an ROI of 86% and ITM 23% which I know is only a small sample but I feel like iv found something i can win and make steady money and if things continue this well soon i will be stepping up to the 1$ 90 mans.

Also on Poker pro labs I noticed I have played a lot of the 76c 6max hyper sats to the Big $2.20 and making steady profits. So I have been playing around with how to use these sats because the actual tournament is on far to late for me and have tried a few different things. First one was play 1 sat on a night if I won I would play 3 more and if I won 1 2 or all 3 I would play 3 more and continue until I would lose 3 in a row which worked quite well. second was play just 1 on a night and if I won the next day I would use the $2.20 to play a storm sat from which i tried a couple of different things to do if i won either play 6x$1.50 6max turbos and a $2.20 mtt or play the big $5.50 and some other MTT's.

I have made the big $5.50 my target MTT and one that I would like to win for as cheap as possible so most days when I have the time to play the tournament I will try and satty in for 80c with the 9 man sat. I'v managed to play a couple of times since starting and also had to take T$ because I didn't have the time.

Also this month I'v been trying to get more involved with the forum and with a bit of encouragement I decided to sell some shares in a series of MTT's for a little challenge because my own games had been going well and its been fun and something I will do again for sure.

I will leave you with a little tune but be warned you might need some ear plugs.

Best of Luck at the tables thanks for reading