Have you ever wanted to play the Sunday Million? but its far beyond what your bankroll allows.

Then come join the bankroll co-op each week we have  a home game and we aim to play the sunday million as a team for a small amount each.

We are about to change the way we approach getting in to the Sunday Million and each week we want to put at least 2 players in to the $8.80 Sunday million shoot out, Which is two rounds at a 6max table if you beat the first table your GTD $9 and another shot at the shoot out but if you beat the second table your in the Sunday million playing $$$$$$ for less than $2.

In the group we have a great sense of community and all rail and cheer each other on, we talk strategy and share hands from the boom player on skype and in the group there are players from all over the world united by the love of the game of poker.

So if your new to PSO or have been here the longest your all welcome at the Bankroll Co-OP

And we will hit the "ONE BIG TIME TOGETHER"