Recently things have been hard for me i just couldnt get anything going in any mtts and my bankroll was on the point of breaking and with money being tight at the moment i would of been back playing freerolls.

However in the bankroll co-op skype room andrewj50050 came in one day with a challenge to bring some motivation back into his game so with a good chat me devprassad60 and pinoy_hitman decided we would go $5 each and take up andrews challenge and i would be player for us. So with my dwindling BR i stoped playing my own games and decided i would be 100% commited to the challenge because my bankroll was all but gone and i was looking after the team bankroll i didnt want to dip into the team funds to play my own games.

To start with the challenge got off to a great start we were playing the $1.50 90 man ko's and it wasn't long before we doubled our initial starting bankroll and we felt a lot more comfortable as we only started off with 20 buy in's. We started of just doing 2 games each on a night but as we were running so good and making a steady profit we would step up to as many as 4 games each per night but if things went wrong we would quickly step back down to 2 each.

We got to play the big 5.50 each as we hit a milestone of 100$ and i managed to cash for a just short of $20 which was a welcome boost to my confidence, but sadly during the challenge andrews father passed away and even though going through such a difficult time andrew wanted to continue the challenge which was i thought was really brave and something i wouldn't of been able to do. 

But in poker as we all know you cant run good forever and we peaked at $125 and we played a few $2.50 90 mans but then we started losing getting unlucky  when we were close to the final table and basicly things just weren't going well so we made the call and decided to call it a day before we lost all our profit which i think was a very good idea, so we all doubled our money which was was good and i managed to clear a couple of bonus's to help with my own bankroll.

So with the challenge over and having a bit of bankroll of my own iv been playing the 50c turbo 90 mans and they have been going very well one day i made 4 out of 4 final tables i took 2 2nds 7th and a 9th but i didnt think i could top that but i was wrong just the other day i played 8 i had 4 final tables again for a 1st a 2nd 4th and 9th for a massive 600% roi. 

So with doing this challenge with andy i learnt a lot from a very good player and look forward to the next one. I'm slowly building my bankroll back up im really enjoying my poker again as i was on the brink of quiting. I'm focused and ready to get back on the tables with a new approach to my game and i will hopefully get that big win soon.


best of luck at the tables