Its been a ages since i updated my blog and to be honest iv not been coming on pso enough recently and it has to change. Maybe its because iv been running bad recently iv still not won a tournement on pokerstars but iv come close recently which is giving me hope.

I'v decided a change in plans in is order, the varience in turbo tournements are killing me so im now abandoning my plan of playing the $1,35ko and hot 55c everynight and im going to concentrate on non turbos and cash tables to try build my bankroll back up, Iv made chrome again this month so i can play the privilege freerolls and the weekly chrome vip at least till the end of march.

As i said earlier i have come close to a win recently last week i played the $1 zoom tornaments (cant wait for them to be a permanant fixture) and had some good results i had 3 deep runs and several cash's and made 1 final table which i took 3rd in, i was little bit gutted as i had played really well and was chipleader for most of the final table and when i was down to 3 i got disconnected at a vital moment in the tournement, it lasted several minutes and when i did get back on i still had chips but had lost the chiplead and was a little bit tilted and had to make moves i might not of had too had i not got disconnected. But i guess these things happen to everyone at some point its the hazzard of internet poker.

So anyway im hoping a change in thinking and try and play to my stengths i can turn this bad run around and build my bankroll back up so i can feel alot more comfortable again and not have to make another deposit.

So anyway good luck at the tables and i'l update how it goes in the next few weeks.