It's been a while since i last updated my blog because iv been busy over the christmas period with family and stuff.

So how has the poker been going ? Well in all honesty not very well, my graph looks like ski slope and i have barely been able to get a thing going in all my tournaments that i have played iv had bad beats and made stupid plays. But i'v been using good bankroll management and and i know i will be able to ride out the bad run.

I also have played a few big tournaments, i saved up and used the little bits of min cash's to play in the big $11 i didnt cash but i really enjoyed the experience. And iv had some good runs for the group i play in and each week we are getting closer to the sunday million. And last week i played the biggest tournament iv ever played in i managed to satty in to the big $22 again didnt cash but its nice to play in big tourneys for very little risk, i think it cost me $1.26 to play and one of these days i will hit it big for a little risk by using sattelites.

So do i have any goals for the new year the answer is yes Not go busto is the first and anything after is a bonus, i want to get a real cash top 3 finish but a win is always the goal because we all want to win. I want to make it in to the sunday million for the group i play for and we are also trying to make it into some TCOOP events so if i can make one or two events i will be more than happy. I'm also going to try and sattelite into the $215 ko event for myself but if i don't make that i wont beat myself up over it.

Last night i had my first deep run for a while so hopefully my bad run is coming to an end i cashed for around $15+ a few ko's and hopefullythere will be more to come so i can report good things in my blog rather than doom and gloom.

So i wish all of you that read this the very best of luck this year and may we all hit our goals and dreams.