Last night wasn't so good on the tournament front i busted out early in all three that i played but you can't run deep in every one you play. So i finished my tourneys and i  fired up a couple of zoom tables   and was doing quite well, And i was playing a hand against an opponent when i looked at the name and i had to take a second look as i thought i was seeing double the guy i was playing had a very simalar name to mine DrDonkinton. So i just had to type in the chat box "are you my cousin or something" which i got i big LOL i must admit i thought it was funny too as i thought my name would be quite unique but obviously not.

I had quite a good session on the zoom and made a nice profit so in effect im still freerolling my tournaments by playing cash and zoom tables which is always a good thing. But last night after i'd made a nice profit two tabling 2nl zoom i thought why not take a shot at 5nl zoom and straight away i could tell players were playing slightly tighter and i didn't go to well i ran into a set of twos twice i think but i will have to go over my hand historys(if they have even saved) but i still finished the day about even.

I must admit i really do love small pocket pairs because when you hit your set on the flop your normally getting paid as i paid out for them last night and if you don't they are very easy to get away from but thats just the way it goes.

So good luck on the tables and watchout for them ducks they bite.