Iv played quite alot of zoom poker over the weekend and made a  profit of over $20, I'v also cashed twice in the $1.35 knockout tournament and last night made the top 100 so i'v got another couple of dollers to add to my take a shot bank.

I think with my take a shot bank i'm going to play the sunday storm this sunday if i keep up my good run and you never know i might even make a final table this week as i feel like i'm due one soon.

I managed to win the bankroll co-op group tournament which i was quite pleased about because the week before i busted out on the bubble, However i didn't do so good in the satellite for the group which was a shame as i feel like i made the right call asi felt the opp was shoving light and on any other day i would of won but thats poker.

So with them two cash's over the weekend my take ashot bank stands at $8.09