Now i have a bankroll i can start planning how to grow it further, I think i should stay with my original plan until i win a real money tournament but just add a couple of tournaments into the mix and also when days permit play the 30c and 50c satellites into the big $11 as i think this will help my play for the group bankroll co/op.


So if i continue to play the hot 55c and the $1.35 knockout tournements and then alternate nights play the $2.20 $5,000 gtd and the $2.70 $7,500 gtd. then im following a good bankroll management of 100-200+ buy ins and still playing at a comfortable level.

I'm also going to start using 25% of all min cashes to save to use as a direct buy in into a bigger tournement so i'm actually earning a shot a bigger buy in. I will keep tabs on how much iv saved in my blog.

I will also keep playing a couple of cash games in the day to boost my FPP's so i can clear my bonus quicker.

Seems you cant post hands in the coments so here they are