The last two days iv not managed to get anything going in the tournaments i'v played and last night i busted out nearly so i decided to play a micro ring game, for an hour or so and boy these games are just so easy to play. It could be cos im new to the ring games and that once players get used to me and my play the $ might dry up but i think if im to clear my bonus and build a nice bankroll i need to add ring games into the equation because my FPP's are not adding up quick enough to clear the bonus with just playing tournaments.

So my new plan to keep growing my bankroll and avoid going broke is to grind two micro ring games during the day play around 100 hands on each table and  then take a break get some lunch do some chores and start up two new tables and play another 100 hands. If things go well (like they have today) i should see steady progress but on the other hand things dont go well and i lose a buy in on one table i will shut the table down and continue on the other table until i have doubled my buy in 100bb to 200bb then close that table and start two new tables. But if i lose both buy ins then  thats it for the day.

Also on days when iv got the chance to devote the time to  play a tournament during the day i will try and satellite into some bigger tournaments like i did the other day, my approach will be to mainly  look for the non rebuy satty's that offer multiple seats but i also don't mind taking a shot at the rebuys but i will have to be very strict not put too much of my roll on the line so i think to give myself the best shot at getting the ticket is to auto rebuy then if i bust then one double rebuy and thats it and also the add on. I think with the chances of actually getting the chance to play a tournament during the day are probably about one day a week so this could be a good plan but im open to ideas.

And of coarse i'l be playing my daily tournaments the $1.35 knockout and the hot 55c but i think im willing to add the $5,000gtd $2.20 tournament if it been a good day/week. But if my roll gets to around the $50 mark i will have to have re-think about my strategy.

I'v also signed up for the bankroll co/op in the forum, i think this is a great idea and a good way to get involved with members on the forum and learn from each other but also the chance of hitting a big score with a little buy in it must be good. So im really looking forward to playing these games and hopefully doing well for the team.

So onwards and upwards