Hi everyone and welcome to my poker blog/dairy, I have been playing poker for around 3 years now mainly as freeroll player but in the last few weeks iv taken the step to actually make a deposit and play for real moneys in real tournaments.

Now i have had some experience playing with real money and a bit of success too on other sites winning freerolls and just playing off free money offered on signing up but i have eventually gone broke be it through variance or just my stupididty (but lessons were learnt).

So why have i chosen stars to play on? Well its the biggest site with the biggest tournaments so why not go for it, honestly i think i should of been playing on here from the start of my poker career but nevermind im here now and i don't plan on leaving anytime soon.

My goal is to build a bankroll with as little investment as i can get away with, I have made a couple of small deposits already and i pretty much blew the first one trying different games and tournaments and basicly not following any sort of bankroll management. But i think it was needed just while i got familierised with the site and the tournaments and now iv found my feet and settled in i'm now playing better and running deeper in the tournaments i play and can feel a final table is just around the corner.

So the tournaments i intend to play are $1.35 turbo knockout at 9:30 uk time and the hot 55c at 9:45 tournaments and i plan to play them daily along with the depositors freerolls when i remember to register.

I must say having been in the poker school for a week now the wealth of knowlege is unreal and i'm loving watching the collection of videos that are available and the live training is brilliant so i will taking part in more of them.