Bankroll: $30.25

Well day 2 worked out well and I'm running on the positive side of variance! Despite not having much time to play and only ending up playing one session, and out of 6 games I managed 4 final tables including 2 wins and a second. 

For today I included a couple of 90 mans the 45s, I'm not really sure why I didn't include them orginally... I guess I missed them in the lobby somehow!

I did make a list of hands which I found interesting but as they all contained a common theme I might do a seperate post on those, but its a bit late for that now. Instead I've included the replay of my 90 man final table, enjoy!

Games played:

621065919: 90 players. 1st place.

621067934: 45 players. 2nd place.

621069078: 45 players. 1st place.

621071468: 45 players. 8th place.

621069958: 90 players. 42nd place

621069973: 45 players. 31st place