Cash games suck, or rather I suck at them.

Lets be fair I probably should have learnt a bit more about deep stack play before multi-tabling them... I probably shouldn't have played tilted HU Omaha without knowing what my edge was... And when I came back to MTTs and SNGs I probably should have stuck to stricter bankroll rules! 

Better late than never right...?

Well I've now got exactly $19.79 in my account and some FPPs.

The plan is a machocistic grind until the end of October. Starting in the $0.25 45mans I intend to jump up only when I have 80 buyins for the next level. The aim is to not go broke and retain my Silverstar status into November, meaning I either need a lot of volume or a fast run up the limits, and as I work full-time and have a 3 month old son and a girlfriend who I like to spend sometime with, I'm hoping for the later


A few things:

I will only play 45, 90 and 180man games

I play on pretty standard Dell Inspiron laptop.

I will be multitabling, the amount may vary depending on my mood. I doubt it will be less than 4 tables or more than 12 very often though, I feel 6-8 tables is my sweet spot. I don't use table ninja as I don't like it and don't feel a need for it.

I do use PT4 but WON'T for this month, other than to gather stats for analysis at the end.

I will use FPPs to buy into the weekly 30k VIP tourney and add any winnings to BR, but as I work in a pub its hit and miss to if I can play it.

I will keep updates in here including a runnng BR starting tonight and a running total of my VPIPs for October.

I am away for the best part of a week from Sunday, but might still play a little 

This will be the only BR I will keep on Stars and only games I play


This is about straightforward old school grinding, hence the lack of software. I'm going back to where I started (actually lower tbh) and hoping I don't make the same mistakes again when I get to where I want to be!

So let the "fun" begin and hope I learn my lesson!