When it comes to the bubble, whats the best move? Do you wait it out? do you play super aggressive in the knowelage that others are trying to get into the money? Or do you stick to the same game plan thats got you there in the first place??
   I've tried them all. What I've learnd is this. "It all deppends on your table and the style of players that your up against!" this may sound like a standard answer in poker, however it's 1 thing saying it and another putting it into practice!! Too many people (myself included) get caught in the moment, and forget about the long term goal. Which for each of us has to be to win!!
   The best advice i could give is the best advice that i recived. "Learn while you play, watch what people call or raise with, if they pause before a play, what's there usuall play after the pause? We've all heard it said, "play the table less the game" put it into practice buds! LOOK, WATCH, THINK AND LEARN!!!!
   Good luck all! See you at the tables!!!!!!!!!!!!!