Howdy Folks!
Sunday, I had some free time, and played the entire schedule of PSO Tournaments.  I played relatively well, but only had one push into the money.  My tournament life was ended most times with good to great cards that I had played aggressively.  No need to be upset about that.  What you CAN be upset about, however, is the number of Donk plays that still happen.  It's almost as if once we get to the flop, all pot-odds and hand categories go out the window.

Ex:  Blinds are 50/100, I've got 2000 chipstack and get Kc,Kd Hole Cards.  I'm the first to act in Middle Position and Raise to 400.  I get a call from the button, and a call from the Blind (both have smaller stacks than I).  Flop comes Kh,5h,9s.  Blind checks, and I Push All-In (Pot sized bet is MORE than 1/3 of my stack).  It's now 1600 to call and win 2800 (1600 Push plus 1200 Pot).  As I understand things, You've got 1.75:1 odds to call.  Both opponents call.  The Turn comes up 8d, and the River comes up Qs.  The Board looks like this [Kh,5h,9s,8d,Qs].  I should be sitting pretty, but I'm not.  One of the folks called all in, holding [6 , 7 ], a Gut-Shot Straight Draw (5:1 Odds, Flop to River).

Now, I wouldn't have even been in that hand in the first place, as the cards were unsuited (Category 8) , and had a Pre-Flop Raiser.  Even at 5 BB, your PSO Guidebook should be screaming to you that you need to play a Category 5 hand or better, if not playing a little tighter because I was (hopefully) playing T-agg style poker.  But to each their own, I guess.  I did hang around the table after I lost, and noted that the fellow was playing loose.  This brightened my world up a bit, as I was able to use the Notes feature to add a note about his style of play.  I try to remember to do this with nearly everyone I play, when I note stuff out of the ordinary.  I had found another guy in a later tournament who called or raised to see every flop.  He was getting pretty lucky and hitting his rag cards each time.  Made a note that he played loose weak cards, and ended up doubling up on him not once, but twice.

My Final Thoughts:  It pays to take notes on people, how they play.  If they play only good cards (even if you bust them, you should note if they had a good hand or not), make a note of it.  If they play everything, make a note of it.  Eventually, your notes will pay off .

Adios Mi Amigos!
~ DoubleDV ~