Howdy Folks!
First, a little about this spot.  I will ramble from time to time, maybe even not talking poker.  Sue me.  I'll try to keep it mostly poker (or other sports related items).  Beyond that, you shouldn't have any trouble from me.

On to business.  Yesterday, March 25, 2011, I played in my first PSO League Freeroll.  Now, I've taken some of the quizzes (Basic, Core, SNG), and have gone through most of the MTT course.  These are good stuff.  I've taken them to heart, made printouts of information I've thought relavent (hand categories, proper hands to play) for reference, and use them when I'm not sure what to do.  At first, I used these forms ALL the time, cross referencing what hand strength I need to call pre-flop, post-flop, etc. etc.  This stuff really helps.  As I've practiced referencing these forms, I started retaining this information.  So, yesterday, I entered my first PSO Freeroll.  I ended up in the Money at the bottom end, a respectable showing for my first tournament.  So now, the hunger to do better is there.

I must say, however, I am disappointed in some of my fellow PSO students.  As I sat on the table I was at, watching play, I noticed that it was obvious some folks hadn't even gone through ANY of the courses (save maybe the Core course).  I was called a Donk several times by a player.  I think he called me a Donk because he had no idea what was going on.  Here was the situation:

He was short-stacked compared to me, 100/200 Blinds, I had around 10k in chips.  He was around 8k in chips.  I was in the SB, with Jc6c as my Hole Cards.  Action around the table was one limper, he raised BB, I called 400 (cheap to get in, Calling relative to my stack size.  I had also loosened up a bit as I was the Big Stack at the table, and was willing to play a wider Range of hands, including a marginal J6 suited.  I had also noted that previously, the player who raised played loose, putting chips into pots they had no right to be in).  Limper called also.  Flop came 6d Js rag.  Limper checked, he be BB, I RAISED with my Strong Made Hand to 1600 (4x Bettor's Bet).  He Re-raised me, so I took a step back for a second, evaluated the situation, and raised so he'd be All-In.  He called, and cards showed AQ unsuited.  He was WAY behind in the hand, not even having a Weak Draw.  I ended up winning the hand, playing solidly.

Anyway, that's all I've got for today!  Hopefully, I do better in my next PSO Skill League Tournament!  Adios, mi amigos!

~ DoubleDV ~