Well its my first time in the Premier League and I've played 5 tourneys so far and I'm sitting in the middle of the pack at 574.  Did not have a good April 6th. I  was getting to few hands that you could play so started to play with weak hands and got burned.  What to do,  what to do?  One hand I had 6 8o and went all in and got called with AKs.  Well he was not happy, he lost to me with 2 pair 66 77.  He did not have nice things to say but what I told him, I was getting garbage so had to play at the time what was one of the better hands I have gotten.  Its poker, what to do, what to do?

I like the poker being played here, better then the open league.  Have not seen any bingo players yet and thats good.  Boy though, do these tourneys take a long time to play .  Thats not going to be good for me so I would like to say "sorry" in advance for the times when I have a nice stack and have to sit out for the remainder of the  tourney. I had no prob. sitting out in open league but with the better players in premier league I think its bad thing to do. Its a respect thing.

As for my ring games and sng not much  to say but ehh.

Thats it for now see everyone at the tables.