Well another month past and what a month. The sun was shining and we had the warmest march ever. Just one problem I was very ill for a week and 1/2, some kind of chest infection,so I wasn't able to play as many tourneys this month. Still made a good run in the final week and although i didn't beat my last month showing I think I did pretty good.

So far to date this is what i've done.

Open Skills League
Date                Position          Games Played

Nov. 2011      107174            5

Dec. 2011      1144                 22

Jan. 2012       222                   58

Feb. 2012      181                    57

Mar. 2013       292                   43

Next month I have 20+ VPP so lets hope for top 50!!!!

Hold'em (Real Money):

1999 hands played and saw flop:
- 153 times out of 329 while in small blind (47%)
- 188 times out of 338 while in big blind (56%)
- 322 times out of 1332 in other positions (24%)
- a total of 663 times out of 1999 (33%)

Pots won at showdown - 145 out of 250 (58%)
Pots won without showdown - 154

Thats me in a nut shell. I think im doing okay!!!

Would like to hear from some of you who have viewed my blog
Please nerdal.