Well im not much for a long intro. so I will just say i've been a member since oct. 2011 but really started playing alot just in the last couple of months. I play in the open skills league and just last month I made first deposit and have played some real money games.  I like playing the 1/2 cent nl ring game and if I do well that day I will try 25 cent sng.

So far to date this is what i've done.

Open Skills League
Date                 Position               Games Played

Nov. 2011        107174                           5

Dec. 2011         1144                              22

Jan. 2012            222                              58

Feb. 2012            181                              57

  Hold'em (Real Money):

851 hands played and saw flop:
- 52 times out of 133 while in small blind      (39%)
- 70 times out of 138 while in big blind      (51%)
- 128 times out of 580 in other positions      (22%)
- a total of 250 times out of 851      (29%)

Pots won at showdown - 58 out of 104      (56%)
Pots won without showdown - 71
Thats all the hands to date, I'm up 10$

Now I know this is not much compared to most players but I'm in it  just for the fun and not an income.

I do tell the wife though I have 20 years to learn because it will be my retirement.8)

Thats it for now

See you at the tables