Just a few thoughts, it's been a while since my last blog. I was away from poker, just having fun on the beach, occasionaly I would play, but nothing serious.
I started in late August again, and decidet to take a shot at September's league.
So far, so good, but, things can be much better ... I won't complain about donkeys and fishes, without them, there can be no tournaments.
They can run deep also, but without discipline and consistancy (had that problem also, I admit), they're no match in the long run.
Still, stupid moves happen all the time, for example: we had pretty decent stacks, pretty decent run for both of us (last 400 players), I play, as usual fairly tight, raise 3bet with QQ, and donk shoves me with 83 suited, and gets his flush ... still bothers me, why would they do stupid things ???
They ussualy say "I don't care about rank", but, why they keep playing ??? :-D
Where I stand at the moment ? Leader has over 2100 points, it's hard to win, skill was never an isuue, but, little luck would be great asset also
I want to end in the top 30 players, I can live with this result :-D