I really had bad two days, playing accordingly to my bankroll 0.25$ Sit'n'go's and lost patience, faith and allmost everything . I went on Knockout tourney with buy in almost 70% of my total bankroll, thinking, I can play (and played) the greatest games only under pressure ! And i was right (this time) Tonite I celebrate, but not result, the game ! I've proven to myself, that I can be serious, patient, even telephatic LOL when needed ! There's no greater test of my abilities then to play at the same table with the Pro's . I'm happy beyond words ... I could've won heads up, but was burned out, as soon there was three left Results : PokerStars Tournament #311308214, No Limit Hold'em Buy-In: $50.00/$12.50/$5.00 USD 9 players Total Prize Pool: $450.00 USD Tournament started 2010/09/15 5:00:33 CET [2010/09/14 23:00:33 ET] Tournament finished 2010/09/15 6:12:22 CET [2010/09/15 0:12:22 ET] 1: GoodCallFoo (Midwest City), $225.00 (50%) 2: DoomedXXX (Drazice), $135.00 (30%) 3: vgreen22 (Porto Alegre), $90.00 (20%) Team Poker Stars Pro 4: BoogyWoogieX (Grand Cayman), 5: TigerFM (Kevelaer), 6: dombomain33 (Secaucus), 7: loxxii (Griffin), 8: staknchips83 (Florence), 9: fgantz (Wellington), You finished in 2nd place.