I've played today 6.75$ Knockout 1- table and lost for the 1st time If I finished 8th, I wouldn't mind, but 4th ... so close, so far ... I still have more than enough, to play accordingly to my bankroll, but it's time for me to actually start playing that way . No more excuses ... I was flying high on my recent victories . I had a decent start, wasn't involved in action, played wisely untill "stupid" Q7 on BB . There was a Q on flop, that made me stick to this hand, oponent had a flush draw, which he got on river ;( ... no big deal, standard everyday stuff . I'm trying to take the best out of it . I was playing waaaaay over my bankroll, I was deep down prepared, it's not the end, but, really I must consider lower games . Here and there I'm trying 0.10$ Sit'n'Go 360 players, just by folding I can come around 100 - 130th place, but ...It's not my game style ... and I'm having a hard time in this type of tournament ... At least, I still have enough to participate in another "Cowboy's Corral"