I must add : I used only one re-buy, early on, when my AQ was busted by K8 off Later, didn't use add-ons, because, didn't had enough FPP's LOL PokerStars Tournament #309131578, No Limit Hold'em Buy-In: 8 FPP 1057 players €574.40 EUR added to the prize pool by PokerStars Total Prize Pool: €574.40 EUR Tournament started 2010/09/08 18:11:00 CET [2010/09/08 12:11:00 ET] Dear DoomedXXX, You finished the tournament in 7th place. You have won an admission ticket to 'Step B'. This ticket allows you to participate only in a tournament of this type. Tickets are not redeemable for cash or Tournament Euro; if you register and then unregister from the tournament, your ticket will be returned. To view your available tournament tickets, go to Requests Tournament Tickets in the main lobby. Please contact "PokerStars Support" support@pokerstars.com if you have any questions.