I've decided to play freeroll tounaments only, to learn the game the hardest way possible . I believe that donks exist even at high cash tables, and people who think freerolls are easy - please, try me ! I'll put you on tilt ... and out ! Few words about me : I'll say my good, and I'll tell you even my bad sides, so you can try to use this as a weapon against me . In NL Holdem I consider myself balanced, cautious and tight player which is realy not so good . I've improved over time, but still ... In NL 2-7 Single Draw I consider myself "the best" LOL Don't believe me ? You're welcome to try to deal with me at 2-7 table LOL For me, it's the best game, why triple draw even exists ??? I play sometimes Horse and NL Omaha Hi/Low, but mostly 8 Game . Majority of this freerolls are for Sat/Sun tickets, won around 15 so far ... I've managed to earn around 30$ so far, but didn't know anything about bankroll management LOL Good luck, everyone !