So I have just reveiwed a hand that in a 6max game would have have been a stack killer.

Playing 5s6s from the BB against an UTG player is an advanced type of play on a 25/50c table and thats where I learned this play.
UTG bets 3BB
Flop 4s3s6d UTG bets I call.
So here is where you have put a player on a range using the info avaible. He's UTG stats 17/12 (60 hands). So he seems tight and I would say on 99+  AQs+
Turn 7h UTG thinks then shoves. River Jh
So I have a made hand and a flush draw that could be good as well. I call.
Well I lost my stack,

Where did I go wrong?
I did not take all the info into account after the turn. what info? Well what does a shove mean from this player and at what stake is this table. Villain had 5c8c ? and I was playing on a 1/2c table doing a PSO challange. Which made me think about other plays I have made and how they matched the stake and also how much should you trust a HUD.

Having a forced break gives you time to look a bit deeper into your own game and time to to think about your skill set.

I also noticed another patern in my cash game I would start the day with loosing a buy-in then work hard to gain it back is there a benfit to doing a worm up and is there such a thing?

Do you worm up?