So OK here the play. Due to events out of my control I am now in France and cant play on stars for a month, I dont have a copy of my bank papers (back in prague). Sad be true. What to do, watch poker or play live...

No casino near me and I can not watch any more poker afterdark or any show that has FT on someone's shirt, makes me want to punch the screen..FU FT give me my money back. 

Well going cold turkey has made me think about the game and how I have been playing and more to the point reveiw my bankroll skills and ouch it sucks. So I have set my self a target, Start Wining you Muppet. 

So I will start with some training and get revenge on tilt. Here I will try and keep a blog to help with the training so I can map out my own progress.

If anyone can help please do. It will be painfull to reveiw my play but its got to be done. I will post some hands and open the can of worms soon or give up poker (not an option). Before I get to hand reveiw I will start by thinking about training and a logical approach to it.

So where do I go wrong and what can I do to  UNDERSTAND MY MISTAKES. Frist take control of the old mind or should I say stop working on auto pilot and use the OLD GRAY MATTER. well at my age that could be hard. My main strategie is to learn the basics so well that I dont need to think (like walking we just do it) giving me time to think about advanced play and how to play against the evildoers that call 4bets with 53os just to fing tilt me.