I've been playing the PSO for several months and have placed pretty well come the end of the month.  October's finish was 62.  It seems like this month has let the DONKEY's loose.  I have decided to create a running list of these people who are nothing more than intent on screwing over those of us who are actually trying to do well here.  The sad part of this is that too often these people get rewarded and take out good players.  If you see the PSO as nothing more than a "FREEROLL," then you are sadly uninformed.  Good luck and SKILL my friends.
SHADYSHAMRok- has yet to place in the money, EVER!, goes all-in with anything.  I was unfortunately his victim, he went in with J-8 clubs, I had AA, he drew the flush, he finished less than 10 minutes later, 726th place, a SUPER-DONK and a Portable ATM.
muzher-just as much a donk as the above mentioned, agreed with and supported this super-donk as he was screwing people, lasted the first hour then sat out like a tired donk.

Keep reading for new posts of these people who ruin the meaning and purpose of the PSO every time they play.
SEE YOU AT THE TABLES, hopefully not at the same table as these two.....