So there I am in the beginning of yet another MTT PSO tournament, where I am watching hand after hand go to 7K and 8K ranked players because they are catching on the river and snaking the pot, after calling retarded bet after retarded bet.

No business calling, no business being in the hand, but by god they are going to call, ride, whatever until that river card poops out and completes their draw, flush, or 2 pair.

There is no way to counter this.  I have tried.  It doesn't seem to matter what hand you decide to play, or how you play it.  I have played loose hands, tight hands, aggressively and passively.  It's like these new players know that they will call and catch no matter what.  Then some of them even have the odacity to gloat about it, like that was their plan all along.  To knock out your AA or whatever with 9 2 suited or K 3 off.  I don't mind them getting lucky, but cocky?

I can even put a player on a crap hand like I did tonight.  They limp with paint, shove or call ungodly amounts with 2 paint cards, suited or not.  Down on chips, break coming on, kids screaming in background.  So I shove with Q9 suited-hearts, a whole whopping 900 chips, cause I am really starting to lose my taste for this round, and was expecting a large overpair, or 2 overpaints to call, or something like that.  Not to mention the fact that everyone who limps, limps on crap that catches on the river.

Nope, the only caller was one of the 8K ranked players, and he had Q9 also... of diamonds.  So at least I will get a split pot out of it.  Haha... ya right.

Flop - 2 diamonds, and the the Turn is the 3rd diamond.

The joke factor in this is that even if a low ranked lucky donk player decides to call with the EXACT same numerical cards as you, you will still lose to the flush. 

Now granted my highest expectation went from a give up to a split pot once the cards were flipped, but I really would of rather just given my chips to someone who wouldn't turn around and lose them a couple of hands later, which is more than likely what happens.
The whole point in this is... I occassionally play slop, especially when I am not hitting my big cards, or if I just feel like it.(Not in the PSO games mind you)  But I NEVER, and have NEVER gotten as lucky as some of these boneheads are.  What's even worse, I saw TWICE at the same table tonight a donk get out kicked on his ace, and the board pairs up an overcard on the turn or river, making it a split.  TWICE.... in real life you are lucky if the board counterfeits once in the entire tournament.

So here's a bud light to you donk/monkey/fish/bird men and women.... only you can gloat about how your horrid cards matched the horrid board cards for the win.

Thanks for reading all, and I promise I will get off this kick, but it is just amazing to me how horrid some of these players can play, and get rewarded for it, not once, but consistently.  I thought good playing was supposed to be the rewarding factor in this game.  It is in real life.  Just like lots of players on here, we all clean house at live tournaments, but on here the suck out is king.